Transform Your Garage Floor with Decorative Concrete

For most people, the garage is not something that receives a lot of attention. The home garage typically comes with a standard concrete floor. Unimpressive to start with, it only gets worse with time. Dirt and stains from various sources can accumulate to leave the concrete dingy and unattractive. However, Flores Decorative Concrete can transform the surface into something that will make you proud. You will want to leave the door up to show it off to the neighbors.

Transform Your Garage Floor with Decorative Concrete

Flores Decorative Concrete takes pride in every job, regardless of size. As a small family-owned business, we don’t just want a good reputation; we want to earn it! We currently service DFW and surrounding areas. To receive a quote, contact us today.

Options Available

Some options that Flores Decorative Concrete has available are acid staining, resurfacing, decorative overlays and epoxy coatings.  Our years of experience and integrity will always ensure that you will continually receive a high-quality job at an affordable rate.

Acid Stain

Acid Stain uses minerals and muriatic acid that will seep into the pores and react with the natural lime in the concrete to transform the floor’s appearance. Acid Stains are available in different colors to complement the decor of your garage.


Use Concrete Resurfacing to give your garage floor that first-day new look. The old surface receives an overlay with a new concrete coating. Customize it with various color options or add a different texture.

Decorative Overlays

Decorative Overlay is resurfacing that can transform any concrete floor’s appearance to mimic brick, stone or other materials.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Coatings seal and protect concrete flooring. This type of coating provides a water-resistant barrier. It hardens the surface to make a durable floor that will last for many years.

So let Flores Decorative Concrete show you what we can do for you. Don’t wait. Contact us today.

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