Acid Stained Concrete Floors Can Add Pop To Your Commercial Business

It’s hard to find an aesthetic that fits the vast majority of businesses that might want to rent your commercial space. Every restaurant has its own unique motif. Offices, print shops, and tutoring centers all need to reach out to different markets. This personalization often extends to the flooring. But acid staining the bare concrete creates a versatile look that almost every commercial business can work with. Here’s how acid stained concrete floors can add pop to your commercial business.

Acid Stained Concrete Floors Can Add Pop To Your Commercial Business

1. It looks decorative without being easy to damage.

Decorative flooring sets the tone for a lot of first-time customers, and carpeting brings a lot to the table. However, restaurants, industrial businesses, and stores that see a lot of foot traffic may worry about renting a space with fixed carpeting because they’re worried about damage. Decorate stains provide that aesthetic appeal without being vulnerable to most stains or wear.

2. Businesses can add their own flooring layers on top of it.

When your tenants (or prospective tenants) need a warmer or more weatherproof look, concrete floors give them the options to add floor rugs and welcome mats. If the space will have employees who are on their feet all day, tenants can also add fatigue mats and cushioned mats that grab onto concrete.

3. The industrial look is perfect for offices and commercial spaces.

Small tech companies have brought industrial minimalism into style. This look often features concrete floors, exposed fixtures, and natural lighting. Far from being a flooring that customers have to adjust to, it might be precisely the look they want for their rolling chairs, cubicle walls, and moving desks.

Ultimately, acid stained concrete floors adds aesthetic appeal to your properties that will draw a more diverse array of prospective tenants to your doorstep. By opening up general utility, you can choose tenants based off of their longevity and past behavior as tenants rather than just by their niche. Go to Flores Decorative Concrete to see our gallery or contact us to set an appointment.

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