Enhancing Surfaces with Concrete Overlays

Typically used for resurfacing existing floors, concrete overlays are a great way to resurface pea gravel, chipped concrete (not cracked), rough concrete or even an existing decorative concrete floor. There are many brands available, but at Flores Decorative Concrete, we only use the highest quality. Our preferred brands are those that have been tested and used in the homes of our own employees.

Concrete Overlays

Overlays: Versatile and Customizable

There are so many things you can do with concrete overlays. Want to turn your back patio into little abstract art? Have a pool deck with flaking spray deck texture, pea gravel or bare concrete? Tired of the pea gravel concrete or a super rough patio? We can resurface all of these and more.

 Concrete Overlays
Decorative Concrete Stamped Overlay
  1. Resurfacing Existing Concrete: Overlays are an excellent way to rejuvenate worn or damaged concrete surfaces, such as driveways, patios, and walkways, without the need for expensive removal and replacement.
  2. Decorative Flooring: Transform dull concrete floors into stunning focal points in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Overlays offer limitless design options, from replicating the look of natural stone to creating intricate patterns and textures.
  3. Countertops and Vanity Tops: Concrete overlays can be applied to existing countertops, giving them a fresh, modern look. They are highly customizable in terms of color, texture, and finish, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your kitchen or bathroom.
  4. Vertical Surfaces and Walls: Overlays can be used to add texture and visual interest to interior and exterior walls. They provide an opportunity to create unique accent walls, fireplaces, and architectural features.
  5. Pool Decks and Surrounds: Overlays are slip-resistant and heat-reflective, making them an ideal choice for pool decks. They not only enhance safety but also add an attractive finish to your outdoor pool area.
  6. Commercial Spaces: Businesses can benefit from concrete overlays in various ways. They can be used to create eye-catching entryways, reception areas, and showroom floors. The durability of overlays ensures they can withstand heavy foot traffic.
  7. Restaurants and Retail Stores: Concrete overlays offer a cost-effective solution for achieving stylish, polished floors in restaurants, cafes, and retail shops, helping to create a welcoming atmosphere for customers.
  8. Outdoor Living Spaces: Overlays can be used to enhance outdoor living areas like patios, courtyards, and verandas, adding both aesthetic appeal and functionality to these spaces.
  9. Historical Restoration: Overlays are often used in historical building renovations to preserve the character of original concrete surfaces while improving their condition and appearance.
  10. Custom Artistic Projects: Artists and designers frequently use concrete overlays as a canvas for creating custom murals, logos, and intricate designs, showcasing the artistic potential of this material.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are low maintenance and easy to clean. They are also a budget friendly option to refresh existing surfaces rather than a complete tear-out and replacement.

A decorative concrete overlay is as durable as the concrete it is bonded to and should last many years with the proper cleaning and maintenance as recommended.

Yes. The overlay can help to hide cracks and imperfections or just provide a new texture or look to existing concrete.