Flores Decorative Concrete is a small family business that provides decorative concrete services such as acid staining, decorative overlays, resurfacing, pool deck texture, scoring custom designs and epoxy coatings. We serve the DFW  and surrounding areas. We strive to leave our customers with an amazing looking floor and satisfied with our work.

Burleson, TX Stamped Concrete & Stain

Stamped Concrete in Burleson, Texas

Concrete stamping can transform walkways, patios, and driveways. Boring gray concrete is a thing of the past and can now be molded into a stunning look and eye-catching design. Remodeling with stamped overlay will add value to your home or office while being very cost-effective. Decorative concrete has a beautiful presentation, low maintenance requirements, and is highly durable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Burleson stamped concrete is a great option for high style at an affordable price.

Burleson, TX Concrete Staining

Stained Concrete Floors

Acid stained concrete gives your concrete floors a unique antiqued look. It can be applied indoors or outdoors and is sure to change the look of any area. It can be applied to existing concrete, new concrete or overlay concrete. A good color selection to choose from, you can even apply them together for a really colorful concrete floor. Finish off any acid stain project with a glossy sealer or high gloss urethane coating for a truly eye popping floor.

Burleson Stained Concrete Floors

Burleson Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy and Urethane coatings are heavy duty coatings used in garages, hangers, offices or even business stores. Epoxy can be combines with vinyl acrylic chips for maximum endurance. The vinyl acrylic chips come in various colors and color schemes. Like a high gloss artistic floor, mix metallic pigment with epoxy and get a truly unique look. The urethane clear coat provides stain and scratch protection. If you want to protect your garage from oil stains and tire marks, epoxy with vinyl acrylic chips is a great choice. It is so durable that it’s even used in hangers. Learn More

Burleson Garage Floor Coating

Flores Decorative Concrete provides professional concrete staining services to both residential and commercial customers in Burleson and the surrounding areas. We specialize in all aspects of decorative concrete designs. If you live in Burleson and would like to speak with us, please call or send us a email. We look forward to hearing from you!