5 Various Trending Surfaces to Apply Decorative Concrete

Currently, many home builders have embraced the element of decorative concrete. The trend involves beautifully decorated designs of concrete in different places. From texture, dye, stains, patterns, and concrete tools, decorative concrete is now the most cost-effective, durable, and versatile material you can find.  If you’re thinking about concrete decoration and are unsure about your ideal place, Flores Decorative Concrete has an idea of the best areas to install in your home or any other site. Read this guide to get the know-how on the ideal areas to apply decorative concrete.

5 Various Trending Surfaces to Apply Decorative Concrete

Foyers have become the best place where you can use decorative concrete to make the best impression on your home. Flores Decorative Concrete can help you personalize your entry to reflect a style of elegance in your home.
Various decorative enhancements can be made to your foyer using either multicolor patterns or stenciled motifs. Besides the visual impact created, you can easily maintain the concrete floor of the entry, and it can handle lots of people walking on it.

There’s a natural texture created by decorative concrete when put around a pool area. A nicely-created surface on the concrete placed along a landscaped garden can create an ambience and tropical feel for those who are swimming in the pool.

Concrete floors can be stained, refinished, or stenciled. The process makes it mimic a marble floor. Thus, Flores Decorative Concrete can add integral pigments to your concrete to make it appear granite-black or porcelain-white.

Your traditional outdoor and indoor space can become seamless if interior designers create decorative concrete slabs. It’s a great choice that can be extended from the patio into any interior room.

Kitchen tops and floors deserve decorative concrete that offers a rustic feel when cooking. Concrete is best for withstanding ordinary wear and tear, drink spills, food spills, or dropped cutlery missiles. It also becomes waterproof when sealant gets applied.

If you need an aesthetic dimension of concrete design in any area of your choice, we are readily available. Contact us at Flores Decorative Concrete decorative experts here. We will advise you more on the best method of to apply decorative concrete that will suit your home or business areas.

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