Update an Older Home’s Backyard with Cohesive Concrete Stamping

Homes transform a lot as they pass from owner to owner. Carpets get replaced, the walls get repainted, and light fixtures come and go. But the backyard is a bit of a different story. As owners make improvements and adjustments, they tend to make additions, not replacements. That means the small deck becomes a larger patio. The swimming pool eventually gets an extended deck. You might even buy a property with an additional patio slab that serves as an outdoor kitchen.  While these improvements over time may be valuable, they don’t match. Instead of replacing your backyard features, switch out the surfaces with a concrete stamped overlay. Here’s three reasons why concrete stamping is a better choice then replacing them or leaving them as-is:

Update an Older Home's Backyard with Cohesive Concrete Stamping

1. The surface is what’s showing its age.

If you have an eyesore in the backyard, chances are the feature itself is in fine working condition. The surface has had to deal with the strong Texas sunlight, UV radiation, wear, and — depending on the feature — water. Resurfacing everything from your patio to your swimming pool deck can give it a new life.

2. Covering them with the same color or pattern makes them blend together.

If your backyard was built up across multiple years or decades, it’s not going to be as cohesive as you might like. Even with the most scrupulous attention to detail, there’s going to be some style differences over time. Getting a fresh stain over everything gives everything a matching color palette and texture style.

3. You can update the space at a fraction of the cost.

Replacements are expensive. You can enjoy all the aesthetic benefits of remodeling your backyard just with a quick resurfacing project. If your backyard has the amenities you want but you don’t like its style, then just change the style and save your money for other home improvement projects.

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