Gorgeous Flooring Alternatives for Your Garage

The garage is typically the place where we store things and don’t put much effort into looking nice. There are some great ways to brighten up your garage floor to make it more inviting. You might even wind up being the envy of your friends when they see how amazing it looks. Here are some of the many types of flooring we offer at Flores Decorative Concrete.

Gorgeous Flooring Alternatives for Your Garage

Concrete Coating and Paint

We have two main types of coating available to give your floor a non-slip durable surface. These come in a multitude of color options to create the floor that you have in mind. Concrete paint is effectively epoxy or urethane-based. Traditional paint is usually latex or oil-based. Over time paint can chip if it has not been properly treated and applied.


This flooring is made with epoxy resin and is super durable. It is completely resistant to both mold and mildew. Combine with pigmented acrylic chips to create a unique look.


Carbon-based and resistant to ultraviolet light, it is a more flexible option. It resists stains and marks so it holds up really well.

Concrete Scoring

To score your concrete, machines can be used to grind or etch a pattern or picture onto the surface. Cobblestone, flagstone, and geometric designs are just a few of the options. Really, any design you would like can be created to achieve a beautiful aesthetic.  For the finished look, we can add a color coating of your choice.

Acid Stains

Whether you have a new concrete surface or an older one, we can give it a beautiful antique look with our acid stains. Glossy or high-gloss coatings are available in several color options.

Micro Toppings

Does your concrete floor need to be skim coated for a fresh new look? By adding a fine sand mixture to the overlay, an eye-catching look is created. It might be just the thing your dull-looking floor needs to pop!


If you have existing pea gravel or chipped concrete, overlays are a good material to use for those. We can resurface the area to give it an artistic flair or a strikingly colorful design.


For more information on services and pricing, please contact us. We’re ready to change the look of your floor!

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