Create Distinctive Interior Flooring with Acid-Stained Concrete

When deciding on flooring, you don’t always want your interior to look like everyone else’s. Instead of carpet, wood, or tile on your floors, you can opt for something much more eye-catching to add value to your home. For a truly distinctive look, you should consider acid-stained concrete.

Create Distinctive Interior Flooring with Acid-Stained Concrete

The Appearance of Acid-Stained Concrete

This type of flooring will add elegance to your home. Because of the numerous color and design choices available, you’ll be able to create a custom look that everyone will love. With the addition of a gloss sealer or a high-gloss urethane, your flooring will look expensive and luxurious, like polished marble. If you don’t want as much shine, you can also choose a low-gloss or matte finish.

The Advantages of Acid-Stained Concrete

This flooring is non-flammable and non-toxic, making it quite safe for your home and family. It’s also resistant to ultraviolet light so that it won’t change color from exposure to the sun. Acid-stained concrete requires less maintenance than other types of flooring. Water and a long-handled brush will remove most dust and grime. Additionally, the cost of this flooring is less than others in general, which makes it an excellent investment.

The Perfect Areas for Acid-Stained Concrete

This beautiful flooring will create a great look in almost any area of your home. Because the floor is hard and durable, it’s not prone to damage from high traffic or spills, such as in a kitchen. You can also place acid-stained concrete in the entryway to create a statement right when someone enters your home. Continue this gorgeous flooring into the main living space and pair it with decorative throw rugs to add a bit of softness.

For more information on acid-stained concrete for the interior of your house, please contact us today. We’re happy to discuss your options and design a stylish look for the rooms in your home.

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