Benefits of A Good Garage Floor Coating

Concrete foundations are a big deal in Texas. The ground — especially in areas like the DFW metroplex, which have clay soil — is constantly growing, shrinking, and shifting. All of that movement puts a lot of stress on the concrete. That means homebuyers are always on the lookout for cracks, signs of settling, and any indication that erosion is putting the foundation in peril. Sometimes, wear and tear can be mistaken for signs of settling and foundation damage. The last thing you want to do is make homebuyers wary, especially about expensive problems that don’t exist. A good garage floor coating can take the issue off the table because it:

Benefits of A Good Garage Floor Coating

Stops edges from wear and crumbling

Concrete steps and the raised concrete edges around the walls will crumble over time. Steps are particularly vulnerable because they face a lot of wear and scuffing. Over time, this pressure can wear down the edge and make pieces of the surface splinter off of it. A garage floor coating binds the concrete together and wards off the wear and tear.

Makes the property look well-maintained

Any improvements to your garage create an immediate difference in the mind of potential homebuyers. Garages usually have bare concrete, gaps instead of baseboards, and stains. Sealing the floor makes the floor more decorative and prevents future stains.

Prevents moisture-based cracks and splitting

Concrete is porous. It can absorb a lot of moisture from the ground and from the air. The constant absorption and removal of water from the top layers of the floor weaken the material. The concrete can even start to split into thin sheets or develop hairline cracks. A professional sealing coat can moderate the water exposure and hold the surface together.

Homeowners should always be on the lookout for foundation problems, and getting problems fixed early on can keep your home in excellent condition. But the impression of foundation damage that doesn’t exist can harm your home’s selling price and market potential. Go to Flores Decorative Concrete for a strong seal that makes your garage’s concrete surfaces look pristine.

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