How to Choose the Best Acid Stains For Your Floors

Stained concrete has increased in popularity with the rise of rustic and modern interior designs. In fact, stained concrete floors can raise the value of your property.

So, what is the best stain to use on your floor? In this article, we discuss everything you ought to know about acid stains, including how to use them and where to get the best stain for your next project.

How to Choose the Best Acid Stains For Your Floors

What Is Acid Stain?

This procedure involves coloring concrete through staining. The final product will have a marble-like color. Acid staining is primarily used for flooring but can also be ideal for vertical concrete-like walls.

Tinting acid stain on windows brings out a natural color of concrete, giving the floor an earthy and natural appearance. Acid stains are a deal for both indoor and outdoor floors. Traditionally, they were a popular choke for commercial buildings but are creeping into residential homes with the rise of rustic and modern interior designs.

Why Is Acid Staining Best For Floors?

Acid stains are ideal for floors over water-based or mineral products. The stains are more durable than other options like water-based staining, making them ideal with more foot traffic, like floors. Acid stains also react with stone to create a permanent stone.

Tips for Choosing Concrete Acid Stain Colors

Choosing the best acid stain color can be challenging, thanks to the many options in the market. You could use the following tips to simplify the process.

  • Consider the floor usage. Dark-colored acid stains are the best for areas exposed to measles or outdoors.
  • Add a sealer. Sealers protect colored concrete floors from stains, bad weather, and water damage.

Let Flores Decorative Concrete Do Your Acid Stain

Acid stain comes in several colors and layering options. You will need the knowledge and experience of the reliable staff at Flores Decorative Concrete to help you choose the best option for your needs. As experts in colored concrete, we aim to help you finish your project fast at affordable rates. Contact us today to request a quote.

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