All You Should Know About Resealing Your Decorative Concrete

Sealing your concrete floor has numerous benefits. A sealant usually acts as a barrier that protects against threats like stagnant water, corrosive chemicals, and deterioration. Concrete sealing also offers protection against extreme weather conditions like snow, extreme heat, and moisture which can penetrate your concrete’s surface and damage your floor. This article discusses the importance of resealing your decorative concrete.

All You Should Know About Resealing Your Decorative Concrete

Use Regular Concrete Sealing to Protect Your Home 

Whether it is your garage, patio, or basement concrete, and regardless of the floor type, resealing your floor is an ideal way to protect it from deterioration and ensure it stays in top-notch shape for years to come.

The best part is that resealing your concrete is neither labor-intensive nor expensive.

How Often Should You Reseal Your Concrete? 

It is recommended that you reseal your concrete floor every 2 years to preserve and protect it. It is crucial to note that the time taken between intervals of sealant application can vary depending on different circumstances. Assessing your floor’s condition is the only way to know how much it can endure between applications.

What Things Should You Consider Before Resealing Your Decorative Concrete? 

Before resealing your concrete, you will need to consider the location and frequency of your concrete’s use. You should ask yourself if the concrete is in a high-traffic area, basement floor, pathway, or patio. If so, do you usually store heavy equipment and corrosive chemicals in your home, which may expose your concrete to more threats? These factors will let you know whether you need to reseal your concrete more frequently.

Other factors you may need to consider are:

  • The climate you reside in since it can shorten your concrete’s life
  • Exposure to extreme weather conditions

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Resealing your concrete is vital in helping increase your floor’s lifespan. Using decorative concrete is one of the ideal ways of transforming your pathways, patios, and driveways. If you’re looking for decorative concrete services in Dallas/ Fort Worth and surrounding areas, look no further than Flores Decorative Concrete. We provide different decorative services to suit your needs. Contact us to schedule an estimate today!

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