3 Garage Floor Details to Transform Your Garage

The devil is in the details when it comes to any home improvement project. Making your garage look like a man cave or a professional workshop is easy with a professional garage floor coating. While you may already know that you want to cover the concrete floor in epoxy — and there are a lot of reasons to do that — knowing what you want to do with the other surfaces can help pull the whole project together. Figure out what you want to do for these three details:

3 Garage Floor Details That Change Your Garage from 'Remodeled' to 'Transformed'

1. The Baseboards

Most garages have a lip around the concrete floor, where the concrete is raised. Then there’s a small gap between the concrete edge and the drywall. Covering up that gap will go a long way to making the room feel more finished, even if the future owners are just looking for a garage. Add baseboards or add coving that matches the texture of the floor. Either addition gives the room a more polished border.

2. The Transitions

Polish up the transition between your large garage door between the driveway and the garage, as well as the transition to the house interior. Check the weatherstripping and the borders to make sure they look new, undamaged, and don’t let light (or, worse, pests) in through any gaps. You can also smooth over large gaps between the different concrete slabs so they don’t fill with dirt and debris.

3. The Steps

Almost every garage has a slight step from the garage floor to the house interior. If this step is bare concrete, the edge will look distressed, crumbly, and cracked. Even if the step is structurally sound, it can make the whole room look old. A surface with that damage also can’t hold a stain very well. Smooth and finish the surface. Alternatively, consider adding a contrasting stone overlay on top to create a threshold.

When it comes to the garage floor itself, Flores Decorative Concrete has it handled. Contact us today to learn more about our epoxy floor coatings and tiles.

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