The Top Signs That Your Concrete Driveway Needs to be Replaced

On average, concrete driveways have a lifespan of about 30 years. However, a variety of factors can affect how long your driveway actually lasts such as weather, wear and tear, and whether or not the driveway was properly maintained. If your driveway is nearing the 30-year mark, or it seems to be showing its age, you may find yourself wondering how you will know when it is time to have your driveway replaced. Here is a look at a few of the signs which can indicate that your driveway may need replacing.

The Top Signs That Your Concrete Driveway Needs to be Replaced

There Are Deep Cracks

Over time, it is inevitable that your driveway will develop cracks. However, you may be unsure of how you will know if a crack is serious. Generally, thin hairline cracks are only superficial and are not a cause for concern. They can likely be repaired fairly easily. However, cracks that are larger than a quarter of an inch are a problem and are usually indicative of widespread structural problems. While you may be able to have wide cracks repaired, if the crack is particularly long, or there are cracks throughout your driveway, then it may be time to have your driveway replaced.

Your Driveway is Sinking

A clearer sign that it is time to have your driveway replaced is if sections of your concrete driveway are sinking. If your driveway has drainage problems, or large cracks and potholes allow water to sink below the surface of your driveway when it rains, water can get under your driveway’s foundation causing sections of your driveway to sink. While this damage may be repairable, doing so is often cost-prohibitive, and if your driveway is older or in poor condition it may be time to have your driveway replaced.

It is Over 25 Years Old

If your driveway has damage of any kind, you may be wondering whether you should have it replaced or if a simple repair would suffice. Ultimately, you will want to take the age of your driveway into account when making this decision. If your driveway is more than 25 years old, it does not make sense to put money into having it repaired as it will likely need to be replaced soon anyway. Having your driveway replaced now will be the better investment in this case.

Overall, the age and condition of your driveway should influence your decision to have it replaced. If your driveway has extensive damage and/or is old, it will likely make sense to have it replaced. When it does come time to have your concrete driveway replaced, you should take a moment to consider the benefits of choosing a decorative stamped concrete driveway. Contact us to learn more about how you will know when it is time to replace your concrete driveway as well as to find out about our decorative concrete services.

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