Acid Stains Go Great On Your Patio

Patios are amazing because of all the things you can use it for. They are outdoor living spaces, pet runs, outdoor entertainment areas, and everything in between. One great way to enhance the versatility of your patio is through the careful use of concrete acid stains.

Acid Stains Go Great On Your Patio

Stained Concrete Borders

Acid stains come in a variety of colors, and they are easy to apply in bounded areas. This means that you can mark out where the barbecues happen with a block of color and create another space for sunbathing with another block of color. Many groups of people will be able to use your patio at the same time without running into each other.

Complementing Interior Design

Patios are often an extension of a house. People use them for storage or outdoor eating. They are generally attached to a house as well. The patio can then reflect the interior of the house so that everyone feels comfortable using it as the house’s extension. You can stain the patio to match the flooring and walls, or you can match the furniture. You might even go for a similar theme: your home is rustic comfort, your patio has a barn stained on it.

Complementing Landscape

The alternative is to match your landscape. Patios are in the interesting position of being outside and inside so that people can let their pets and children run free on them or put in a planter garden. You can keep this vibe going by staining the concrete to match the lawn or the gravel pathways. If your yard is xeriscaped, a nice brown or beige will match the tone of your Earth-friendly landscape. An English garden could stand a shimmering white stain. Your rose garden could have complementing roses on your patio.

If you have a patio that could improve with acid stains, contact us. Flores Decorative Concrete has been doing this for years and can make your patio shine.

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