Acid Stains for Contemporary Backyard Retreats

Stained concrete patios give today’s outdoor dining areas a more modern look. While the rickety old picnic tables and brick with grass growing in the cracks worked decades ago, homeowners interested in contemporary backyard retreats remodeling gravitate toward acids stains. Cement stains give the space a sleek look that is surprisingly affordable. When it comes to the best concrete stains and colors, it’s best to coordinate concrete dye choices with outdoor furniture, lighting, outdoor gathering table and any fencing or permanent backyard fixtures.

Acid Stains for Contemporary Backyard Retreats

Creating a creative border

When designing a backyard patio, consider using an acid stain for the main patio flooring that contrasts with the color of a border around the perimeter of the porch. Some materials used for a decorative border include pebbles or recycled glass pieces. A dark brown acid stain pairs well with an ocean blue recycled glass border. Most borders are about one to two feet wide. A more traditional border would include various colorful plantings. Another popular idea is to leave space between the concrete floor sections to grow horsetail or other types of ground covering.

Making the space feel cool

If your goal is to make an outdoor living space feel cool, consider gray acid stains. Using white outdoor curtains and a gazebo in light colors is a good choice for an airy and refreshing experience. Fire pits are extremely popular for outdoor living spaces, but they don’t need to warm up a space when unlit. Consider matching a light color of the fire pit with the concrete flooring color.

Acid stains work well for backyard concrete patios as well as front porches. However, the colors for different patios in the same home are more intriguing when homeowners mix it up. For a concrete front porch, it’s important to complement the front of the home while also giving guests a subtle clue to the interior of the home. Think of the colors for the front as welcoming good energy into the home while the concrete floor paint for the backyard is a backdrop for entertaining friends and relaxing with family.

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