Places That Look Great With Acid Stained Concrete

Concrete can be incredibly elegant, and one example of this is acid stained concrete flooring. This is when a mix of hydrochloric acid, acid-soluble metallic salts, and water are used to lightly etch the surface of concrete, dying the concrete. There are a couple places where this type of concrete flooring is particularly nice.

Places That Look Great With Acid Stained Concrete

Sun Rooms

Sun rooms are a liminal space, being covered but not quite indoors. This gives you a lot of creative flexibility when it comes to your flooring. Acid stained concrete lets you pick a color that matches the rest of the decor or feels thematically appropriate, and the flooring will still have all the durability of concrete.  The color won’t fade from the UV rays of the sun, and the surface can be swept or mopped clean without fear of damaging the color.


Making a garage pretty without interfering with its primary purpose can be difficult. They tend to get a lot of hard use, and their flooring needs to be tough. Acid stained concrete can give your garage panache without giving you an extra thing to wash. This is a great way to continue the decorative motifs that you used in your house outside too. The acid stain, for instance, can match the flooring in the hall and living room. This appeal will last for as long as you like the look if you keep it properly sealed and cleaned.


People love their patios for a good reason: they use them for all the fun things in life. It’s where you hold barbecues, lounge around in the sun, and store your favorite outdoor hobbies. This means that the floor of the patio needs to be easy to clean and durable, while also being beautiful enough to show off to guests. Acid staining becomes part of the actual concrete, so the color will remain consistent no matter how many times you scrape the surface with your barbecue grill or wood-working tools.

Your concrete floor can look beautiful, and not just in these three areas. If you want to hear about any other options for your flooring, contact us. Flores Decorative Concrete can apply a variety of stains and even layer them if you like.

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