How to Create a Dedicated Hobby Space in Your Home

Homeowners across Texas are spending more time at home. Instead of spending those extra hours in front of their screens, many people are starting to develop practical skills and hobbies that keep their hands busy. If you want to start trying new hobbies and DIY talents, it’s important to have a dedicated hobby space that is both separated from your general work space and has the right setup to minimize the risk of damage. Instead of just setting up a small corner of your garage with your new tools or equipment, we recommend setting up the space with a stained concrete floor.

How to Create a Dedicated Hobby Space in Your Home

How Stained Concrete Can Protect Your Hobby Space

1. Bare concrete is easy to stain.

If your new hobby is painting, woodworking, or working on machinery, you’re going to be handling oils and fluids. Drips from in-progress projects and splashes from knocked-over containers seep into unprotected concrete and leave behind nasty stains. Depending on the chemical makeup of it, you may not be able to pull out the stain without professional help. But epoxy coatings and stains seal the floor against absorbing moisture. Even better, epoxy floors are easy to mop or sweep clean.

2. Bare concrete is easy to damage.

Those same hobbies and others — such as working out — involve heavy tools, not just staining chemicals. Dropping weights and heavy tools in a concentrated area can speed up the degradation of concrete. Given enough time, the concrete will start to wear away or the top layers can crack and shear off. Professionally set epoxy coatings distribute the force of a dropped object to protect the floor.

3. Finished workspaces are more appealing.

Unfinished garages with bare sheetrock and concrete aren’t the most appealing, even if you’re motivated to learn or meet your fitness goals. But a chic, richly covered epoxy coating sets the stage. Make your gym, workshop, or art studio floor more inviting so you or other members of your family feel more motivated.

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