Concrete Sealing by Flores Decorative Concrete

Like every other part of your home, both interior and exterior concrete needs to be properly maintained. Keeping your concrete properly sealed not only keeps it looking great, but also serves to protect the concrete from stains, erosion, and damage from harmful chemicals in the air.

Concrete Sealing by Flores Decorative Concrete

When the seal is worn off of your concrete, the dry subsurface begins to absorb damaging elements from the environment. Pool chemicals, salt, and even water will begin to eat away at the structural integrity and the lifespan of the concrete will be dramatically reduced as a result.

If you are located in the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area and your concrete sealing begins to appear worn, or the color is fading from your decorative concrete, contact Flores Decorative Concrete as soon as possible to schedule an in-home consultation. Our experts can assess the damage, provide you with an estimate based on your goals of utility and appearance, and technicians from our family owned business will set a date to professionally clean and seal your concrete to keep it looking great and functioning for years to come.

At Flores Decorative Concrete, we only use heavy duty pressure washers fitted with professional grade attachments. This process will remove any stains and remove harmful chemicals that may have seeped into the pores. Often, a proper clean and reseal using only the highest quality sealers is all that is required. Where many layers of sealant have been allowed to build up over time, the layers will need to first be completely stripped away. Cheaper less desirable sealants can actually harm your concrete more than they preserve it, so knowing which products are harmful and must be completely removed is a big part of our inspection process.

Here at Flores Decorative Concrete, our family is passionate about the work we do in providing beautiful, functioning spaces for other families to enjoy that will stand the tests of time. We would love to start a discussion about how we can work together to design and create more vibrant concrete spaces and structures on your property, as well as what we can do to make the most out of existing concrete areas, including coloring and sealing.

Contact us today to learn more.

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