Acid Stained Concrete Floors: Natural Look for Less

Acid stained and colored concrete are two options for beautifying the approach to your home. The exterior of your home is the first aspect your visitors see. It makes sense to want your exterior space to reflect the cleanliness of your home’s interior. Would you like a colorful and durable stained concrete floors? If the answer to that question is “yes!” then please let Flores Decorative Concrete help you achieve the concrete look you’ve been hoping for.

Acid Stained Concrete Floors: Natural Look for Less

What is Acid Stained Concrete?

Acid stained concrete gives your concrete floors a unique antiqued look. It can be applied indoors or outdoors and is sure to change the look of any area. Chemicals are applied to a concrete surface which then react with the calcium hydroxide present in the concrete. Mottling and natural effects occur. Different aesthetics result depending on the staining technique used.

Acid Stained Concrete Mimics Natural Textures

The textures of wood, leather, stone (even marble), can be achieved through the use of acid staining on concrete. Many different color options are available to enhance the look of your home’s exterior and interior spaces. You can use multiple color arrangements together to create elegant eye-catching designs. Pool decking is a perfect example of where to use stamped, acid stained concrete. Pool areas must withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high traffic, and exposure to water, chlorine and other chemicals on a daily basis. The durability of concrete paired with aesthetic coloring, stamping, and staining provides the perfect surface.

The Perfect Indoor and Outdoor Flooring

Acid stained concrete isn’t just for outdoor use. This versatile flooring can be used anywhere. Great in the kitchen, it mimics the look of wood without the wear and water disadvantages of real wood flooring. Areas of the home that would traditionally have tile can now have beautiful stamped, acid stained concrete at a significantly lower cost to the consumer and the environment. Stone-like acid stained concrete keeps the geological depletion of our planet in check. Achieve the look you want using concrete. Come in for a consultation today!

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