Commercial Concrete Stain: A Lifetime of Durability and Beauty

The floor of your business or warehouse is subject to a lot of traffic, both human and mechanical. Having your concrete floor professionally stained not only brings a dull surface back to life, but stained concrete is far easier to clean than an untreated floor, especially after it’s sealed.

Commercial Concrete Stain: A Lifetime of Durability and Beauty

What’s the Difference Between Concrete Paint and Concrete Stain?

Concrete paint adheres only to the surface. Especially if improperly applied, it can peel or chip. Concrete stain goes deeper into the concrete itself, creating both rich color and durability. Another factor is the aesthetic differences between the two. Paint spreads in a uniform, even color, whereas stain penetrates according to the variations in the concrete, giving the floor a unique, marbled appearance. However, this is especially true for acid stains. Water-based stains will provide more consistent, predictable color patterns, though they won’t yield the same, solid color of paint.

Will Concrete Stain Fade?

Stained concrete doesn’t fade, but the top layer of the concrete itself can become worn or abraded, which gives it a faded appearance. A sealer can be applied over the stain to keep this from happening. Different types of sealers are available depending on the traffic level and whether the stained concrete is outdoors or indoors. To give extra protection to interior floors, a special wax can be applied as needed. With several applications of wax in place, the sealer and stain are both protected. It’s more cost effective to reapply wax when it starts to wear than to have your floor resealed.

How Long Will Concrete Stain Last?

When a floor is properly cleaned, prepared, stained, sealed, and regularly maintained with wax, the concrete stain will last a lifetime. Yes, you read that correctly! This level of durability, along with its beauty and easy cleanup, makes stained concrete an excellent investment for your business.

If you’re not sure which concrete stain option is best for your floor, consult with the experts at Flores Decorative Concrete. We specialize in commercial concrete and will make sure the floor of your business shines for years to come. Contact us today.

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