Commercial Decorative Concrete Uses

Commercial spaces have unique needs, especially when it comes to their flooring. It needs to be both durable, low-maintenance, and attractive. Fortunately, concrete floors can accomplish all that. If you are creative with decorative concrete though, there are other things that your floor can do for your business.

Commercial Decorative Concrete Uses

Delineate Spaces

Preschools carefully design their classrooms to have distinct learning areas to cut down on the chaos. Other commercial enterprises can benefit from careful layout as well, and decorative concrete can help. You can pick a different floor color for each department or product line to prevent wandering into the wrong area, or you can use patterns to indicate places that may be hazardous, require quiet, or need to be sanitized. You might also just want to indicate where people can relax with fun patterns and colors.

Give Directions

While some directions are eternal, signage often isn’t. You can permanently orient clients and customers with commercial concrete stains by having the stains form arrows to direct traffic and name rooms to avoid confusion. A hotel might want to have the conference room floors marked with the names of the conference rooms if there is more than one, for instance.

Showcase Logo

We are probably all familiar with those scenes in thrillers where the camera follows our intrepid spies as they enter the halls of the CIA. It hovers over them as they walk into the lobby, and we get a full view of the CIA’s logo on the floor. This tells the audience all it needs to know, often as not. You can get that same effect for your company using stamped or stained concrete. Etch your logo on the floor of the lobby, the entrance, or the walkway, and impress your clients with your gravitas.

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