Why Use Acid Stained Concrete In The Foyer

The entrance of your house is the first thing guests see when they enter your home, and it gets a lot of traffic. This means that its floor deserves special attention, and one good way of providing that is installing acid stained concrete in it. There are four reasons why you need acid stained concrete in your foyer.

Why Use Acid Stained Concrete In The Foyer

Makes A Brilliant First Impression

Acid stained concrete comes in a variety of colors and can be laid in any pattern. This gives you the opportunity to create a truly stunning foyer. It can blend into the walls or stand out as a mural, and either choice will make your visitors take note. It’s a good way to set the tone of your home.


Concrete, properly sealed, can last for decades, and the acid stained colors won’t fade since the pigment is a part of the concrete surface. Since the foyer is a room that gets a lot of use, this durability is very important. You don’t want to have your front room looking ratty after a year or two.

Preserves The Rest Of The House

Your guests can track mud into the front room without feeling guilty when the floor is concrete. The mud and other debris will then be removed before they reach carpeted sections of your house, and this will save you from wearing down other rooms with scrubbing. It can also be the room where wet umbrellas and coats go, which will keep the damp out of the rest of your house.

Easy To Clean

You can clean concrete by sweeping it and then wiping it down with a damp cloth. Doing that and sealing it once in a while is all you need to do to keep the concrete floor looking fabulous. This means that a foyer with an acid stained concrete floor will look beautiful all the time with minimal effort on your part, and it will always be ready to impress your guests.

Your foyer deserves a beautiful floor, and Flores Decorative Concrete thinks that acid stained concrete is a good option. They have years of experience putting concrete flooring in homes and businesses, so if you are interested in adding an acid stained concrete to your property, contact us.

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