What to Expect During Your Concrete Staining Appointment

After you lay all the groundwork of inspecting your concrete floors, choosing your preferred stains and finishes, and booking an appointment, you might be worried about what to expect at your concrete staining appointment. What about your pets? Will your home’s air be safe the night after? Here’s what to expect when you’re getting your floors stained:

What to Expect During Your Concrete Staining Appointment

First, Professionals Will Clean and Repair the Concrete

Once the carpeting is removed, or a new construction’s floor is ready, a professional will clean the floors. This often includes using a concrete degreasing agent to make sure there are no foreign contaminants or chemicals in the top layers of the concrete that will change how the stain interacts with the flooring. They may also use buffing machines to prep the surface.

If the concrete slab is damaged, they may need to do some repair work before actually getting down to the staining tasks. This will make the surface stronger and in better condition. However, patches, fillers, and even just different concrete mixtures will all react differently to give your floor a unique finish.

Take Note of the Staining Times

Most types of stain need a full four hours to dry. If you’re doing a complex design that requires multiple layers and applications, that can extend out to 12 hours of application time, at least. Additional steps include washing the floor, sealing, and coating or waxing the floor. This extended process, and the toxicity of the chemicals, means you’ll want to stay at a hotel or a relative’s house during the entire process. Not only does this with overall safety, it means you can pack out the rooms you want done, or the whole house, with minimal inconvenience.

If you’re doing a full-house renovation, we recommend:

  • Renting a mobile storage unit.
  • Making any painting appointments for interior walls to shortly follow the completion of your flooring.
  • Scheduling your appointments for breaks between stressful work projects or your children’s exams.

Contact us at Flores Decorative Concrete for a comprehensive look at the whole staining process and to ask any questions you may have about your concrete staining appointment.

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