How to Prepare Your Concrete Floors for Acid Staining

Are you expecting to acid stain your concrete floors in the near future? Acid stained concrete floors have become very popular in recent years – as seen in many shopping malls, restaurants, casinos, and retail stores. One important cause for their spike in popularity is that acid stain finishes provide a beautiful, unique look that can complement many contemporary or modern commercial and residential environments.

How to Prepare Your Concrete Floors for Acid Staining

Why prep your floors for acid staining?

You should always prep your floors before acid staining to get the best results and prevent contamination. Acid stains can be applied to many concrete surface types (old, new, plain, colored, plain). Acid staining will permanently improve the color, texture, and appearance of your concrete floors, and it is one of the least expensive of all floor decoration options.

How to prepare your floors for acid staining?

Before having your concrete floors acid stained, always check for your floors for any physical damage that may need to be repaired. Even minor cracks or small cracks will severely impact acid staining and take away from the beauty of your stained concrete floor. You should also check for glue, oil stains, or any other substances that will require removal.

Once this is done, you should clean your floors to make the acid staining process easier. This process can be tedious, so it is best to have your cleaning supplies at hand. Common supplies you will generally need is a floor machine, razor scrapers, a wet vacuum, sanding sponges, and safety glasses to effectively clean your floors.

Then, you will need to sweep and vacuum your entire floor to remove all loose dirt and debris. It’s best to never perform this process alone and to maybe have one person sweeping or mopping while you are busy doing another task. Always remember to use concrete degreaser after scrubbing to remove any oil or chemical residue that might have been left on your floor during cleaning.

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