Acid Stains: A Beautiful, Versatile, & Timeless Aesthetic

For many years, our experienced staff at Flores Decorative Concrete have been providing clients with the most luxurious Acid Stained Concrete for indoor/outdoor locations. This lavish coating gives your concrete a smooth and stylish finish, while also enhancing the durability of the substance.  Our acid stains give your concrete natural minerals. These minerals permanently alter your old and worn-out concrete, so it will undoubtedly look its very best!

Acid Stains: A Beautiful, Versatile, & Timeless Aesthetic

Indoor or Outdoor

We service clients with a wide variety of needs. Some want to make their swimming pool area more beautiful, while others are seeking to improve their kitchen flooring. Regardless, we are here for you. Our glossy sealers and high gloss urethane coatings will give your home the eye-popping shine that you deserve. After we seal and wax your new stained concrete surface, you will recognize the timeless appeal!

Pick Your Color

Our acid stained concrete techniques take many shapes and forms. We have a variety of premium colors that will fit in perfectly with your concrete, and enhance its natural beauty. Why settle for gray or white? At Flores Decorative Concrete, we will accommodate you with an exceptionally beautiful home attraction. Color can take many forms—so get creative!


Our technicians have been perfecting their craft for years. This means you always know you are getting the very best service available in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area. We always aim to meet our potential customers halfway—and this means up-front pricing, fair and accommodating service times, and honesty in all regards. Our customers are always charmed with our innovation and ability to adapt to all environments.

Contact us to learn more about how you can enhance your concrete surface with Flores Decorative Concrete’s Acid Stained Concrete service. We pride ourselves on the very best service in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.

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