Are Stained Concrete Floors Good With Pets?

Any time you make a radical change to the flooring in your home, it’s important to consider whether the new material is up to the challenge. If you have pets, young children, or a lot of outdoor recreation gear that comes inside the house, some flooring choices will be better than others. Here’s how stained concrete floors stand with pets:

Are Stained Concrete Floors Good With Pets?

What about claw damage?

Cats and dogs have sharp claws that can rip into everything from carpet to hardwood floors. But stained concrete, especially if it has a professional finish, will ward off scratch marks. It also doesn’t pose a hazard to your pets. Because the flooring doesn’t have a mirror finish, there’s enough of a texture for both pets and humans to walk and jump around without slipping.

What about stains?

Stains are another common concern when it comes to pets and flooring. Whether your house-training a new puppy or your dog’s rawhide toys have a grainy red color, those stains won’t seep into the floor. You can just wipe or mop them away. The sealing coat ensures the concrete won’t absorb any moisture.

How about daily care and maintenance?

Pet dander, hair, and general fuzz can mat into carpeting or even get caught in the grooves between tile. But that’s not a concern with stained concrete flooring. In fact, you hardly need a vacuum at all — a broom should be able to handle general cleaning tasks. And because you don’t need rugs to protect the flooring in high-travel areas like with wood, there will be even fewer opportunities for dander and allergens to collect in your house.

Stained concrete isn’t just the top utilitarian choice for pet owners. It can add chic beauty and scalability to your home. Learn more about the process by visiting our site.

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