Do You Need to Refinish or Resurface Your Driveway?

Driveways pick up a lot of stains and wear over the years. If you park your car on the driveway, the concrete can pick up rubber, ground-in dirt, oil stains, and chemicals from road salt or highway pollution. Even without that hazard, driveways get stained from falling leaves, rain, and dirt. Other signs of damage, such as surface-level cracks and worn edges, can age your driveway. Do You Need to Refinish or Resurface Your Driveway?But you don’t have to replace the slab for it to look brand new. Instead, you can resurface your driveway or refinish it.

What’s the Difference Between Refinishing and Resurfacing Your Driveway?

Both of these options improve the surface of your driveway. Between the two, resurfacing is generally the easier — and less in-depth — option. When you or a professional company resurface your driveway, the process involves:

  • Removing loose concrete and stains
  • Pressure-washing the surface to create a fresh “canvas”
  • Covering the surface with a seal or coating

The seal or coating can be patterned, colored, and even textured. Even clear coats create a glossy, clean-looking finish. These coats also provide functional improvements by making the driveway more stain- and damage-resistant.

Refinishing, on the other hand, goes deeper. Professionals start by sanding or grinding away the damaged top layer. They may remove the entire “latent” layer or top fraction of an inch off the whole surface; this concrete is the most damaged. Then, refinishers fill in gaps and thin cracks on the surface. Once the surface is restored, it can be polished and covered with a seal.

What’s the Right Choice for Your Driveway?

Either process can give you a driveway that looks brand new and well-cared for. Refinishing is all about aesthetics. It can also reduce future maintenance demands because the protective top layer goes deeper into the concrete. Resurfacing can help address minor damage and blemishes. If you’re not sure which path is right for your driveway, contact our team to speak with an expert today.

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