Scored Concrete: The Designer’s Secret Weapon

Designing an area to be eye-catching and useful takes a lot of ingenuity. Your options can feel pretty limited at times.  One great idea is scored concrete. This is created by scoring machines and grinders etching patterns on concrete surfaces. It can do a couple of things for your decorating plans.

Scored Concrete: The Designer's Secret Weapon

Cobblestone And Tile Camouflage

Many people aiming for a certain theme would like their grounds to look like they are covered with cobblestones or tiles but aren’t so keen on some of the associated costs. Scored concrete is a great way to accomplish this appearance with less fuss. It has advantages over those materials too.

The biggest advantage is that concrete can handle traffic better than other materials. If your patio or driveway sees constant use, scored concrete will last for decades.

The Advantages of Texture Without The Drawbacks

Scored concrete involves shallow grooves in the surface that create a pattern. These grooves create a textured appearance but leave the surface flat. This lets you go wild with patterns because you won’t have to worry about tripping hazards.

You can add contrasting stains to your pattern too, and that can make your floor really stand out.

Flexibility and Versatility

Scored concrete really has no limits as far as patterns. You can have geometric patterns, a Texas star, basketball free throw lines, or anything else you can think of. This versatility allows you to put it to many uses.

Yes, you can use it to turn your driveway into a basketball court and define your patio from your pool surround. However, you can also make concrete blend into your backyard or become its focal point. The choice is yours.

If your patio, garage, driveway, or floor could use a little perking up, you are in luck. Flores Decorative Concrete specializes in making concrete floors beautiful in the DFW and surrounding areas, and scoring concrete is one of our many services. Contact us for more information.


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