Reinventing a Business with Commercial Decorative Concrete Services

One of the best ways to get customers back in the doors is to reinvent an image. By relying on commercial decorative concrete services, it’s easy to come up with eye-catching designs and a polished look that make the floors of a business stand out as a wow factor. Concrete is one of the most basic flooring material – but the decorative concrete market is a hot trend because of all the dyes, polishing, borders and shapes that define a modern business or retail store. When it’s time to market a business, taking photographs and marketing materials that show off the company or small business flooring along with key art pieces and lighting fixtures draw in a new and old customer base. Consider how to meet your specific flooring needs with commercial concrete services.

Reinventing a Business with Commercial Decorative Concrete Services

Symbolizing beliefs and values

In addition to working for a small business such as hair salon or tattoo parlor, decorative concrete enhances the space for houses of worship and nonprofit agencies. Colors, logos and symbols highlight a church’s beliefs, for example. But just as important, the floors handle high foot traffic. It’s exciting to incorporate designs that convey theological beliefs.

Adding color and flair

Adding color with acid staining makes a business appear livelier. It also achieves a more modern look, which makes potential customers feel as though the business is using the latest technology to serve their needs. No matter what color or commercial concrete stain you choose, it’s easier to clean concrete floors. For offices, concrete also creates a good first impression with clients as well as makes it easier for office employees to move around on swivel chairs.

Giving peace of mind

In addition to the better appearance, concrete flooring can be designed to be slip-resistant and durable enough for food carts and many customers and wait staff walking in and out. More than ever, people who frequent restaurants have high standards for cleanliness. In many cases, the concrete is already the subflooring base of a restaurant – which means having fun with color themes, custom patterns, logos and textures.

Even if you don’t need to completely reinvent your business, house of worship or office, commercial stamped concrete and other decorative concrete features boost employee morale and make it a pleasure to work and serve people in the community.

At Flores Decorative Concrete, we work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied with our work. We are a small family business in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. For more information on acid staining, pool deck texture and various decorative overlays, please contact us.

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