Why Overlays?

You probably don’t realize how many concrete overlays you have walked on. They look like any other floor since it is just a proprietary blend of concrete poured for up to 2 inches over the existing substrate  and then stamped, stained, or finished to look a certain way.

So why bother with an overlay? There are a couple of reasons.

Why Overlays?

Increased Safety

An existing surface may need to be smoothed out quickly. Pea gravel may be bunching and creating an uneven surface. Chipped old concrete may be catching people’s toes.

Pouring a layer of new concrete over the old surface is a hassle-free way to remove those tripping hazards. It also protects the substructure from water damage and so prevents cracks from forming.

Efficient Makeover

A chipped and worn floor makes the rest of the patio or garage look shabby. Covering the surface with a fresh coat of concrete will brighten up your space and make it look well-cared for.

You don’t have to stop there, either. Just as applying a coat of trendy-looking paint will make your house look chic, applying a layer of concrete with a fancy new stain or pattern will update your home’s look. It’s a great way to round off your spring cleaning or have your home pretty for the holidays.

Time Saving and Cost-effective

Few of us have all the resources in the world to make a place spiffy-looking. An overlay doesn’t take long and it’s less resource-intensive than a complete overhaul. Why redo everything when the look you want can be achieved with a little surface work?

Flores Decorative Concrete makes a point of using the most reliable concrete blends for our overlays and has plenty of experience in making an old floor shine again. Contact us if you would like more information.

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