Adding a Gorgeous Acid-Stained Color to the Concrete on Your Patio

If you’re getting tired of how the dull, gray concrete on your patio looks, you should consider an acid-stained color and add a glossy sealer. This treatment will give your patio a unique and eye-popping appearance that everyone will love. Many colors exist to choose from, depending on the result that you want.

Adding a Gorgeous Acid-Stained Color to the Concrete on Your Patio


Nature-Inspired Patio Colors

If you want a look that blends in with nature, a couple of great choices exist. Aqua Blue is one such option. This gorgeous color combines a soft blue with green undertones. Staining your patio a Lawn Green is another marvelous choice. This green color with gray undertones will coordinate well with your lawn and other surrounding plant life.

Sophisticated Patio Colors

For a step up in appearance, two excellent choices exist that will give your patio a truly upscale look. One such color is Tortoise Shell Black with brown undertones. Another option is English Red, which is a rusty, warm brown. Either of these selections will give your patio a modern and expensive look that will add value to your property.

Chic Patio Colors

For a trendy look on your patio, try Malay Tan, which is a buckskin color with orange undertones. Or you can choose Cola, which is a medium brown with red undertones. These hues will always look stylish and will coordinate well with many homes. It’s also easy to match patio furniture and other decorations to these selections.

Elegant Patio Colors

When you’re looking for something classy to dress up the look of your patio, you don’t want anything too bold or wild. Opt for Golden Wheat instead, which is a mixture of soft amber and yellow undertones. Or choose Vintage Umber, which is an earthy brown with red undertones, for a lovely and timeless look.

To update the appearance of your patio, you can apply an acid-stained color to the concrete for a gorgeous result. For more information about acid-stained concrete and the color options available, please contact us today.

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