Can You Acid Stain Your Concrete Floor?

A great way to make your concrete floor more lustrous is to consider an acid stain for the area. What an acid stain does is create a layering effect of colors so your floors result in looking marbled and ornate in design. Acid stains come in a variety of hues and can even be custom-mixed to create the ideal tone and sheen for your floors.

Can You Acid Stain Your Concrete Floor?

Your flooring is concrete, and you wonder if you can put an acid stain in this area. This all depends on a few factors, which you’ll discover in greater detail. In general, a healthy concrete surface can be stained with an acid finish, but this work should always be done professionally. Will an acid stain work on your concrete? Use this guide to help you.

Is your floor clean?

Has your concrete floor ever been covered in carpet? If so, residue from carpet glue will need to be sanded away completely so the acid stain will take.

Before you can have a concrete floor acid stained, the surface has to be entirely free of paint, oil, rust stains, and more. This means if you have ever painted your concrete or had any other flooring surface put on top, you’ll have to hire services to remove residue before your concrete specialist can update your floors.

Is your concrete waterproofed?

If your home leaks at all, you’ll have to waterproof and completely dry your floors before you can acid stain the floors. If an acid stain is applied to moist concrete or concrete gets wet in the future, the results can be splotchy or not take at all. Your concrete specialist will inspect your floors prior to recommending an acid stain color or design.

Is your concrete floor healthy?

In other words, are there large cracks riddling your concrete floors or parts of the flooring that have been worn down to rocky surfaces? You want your concrete floor to be as error-free as possible for an acid stain to look even and lustrous. If there are flaws in your basement floor, have your concrete specialist make repairs before beginning an acid stain.

With proper care and maintenance, your floor’s acid stain treatment will look beautiful and ornate. For all your decorative concrete needs, rely on our team of experts at Flores Decorative Concrete; contact us today.

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