Micro Toppings & Skim Coats: Why And What

Getting the look you want out of your floor means knowing your options, and, when it comes to concrete flooring, you have many. Two of those options are giving the concrete floor a micro toppings or a skim coat. These sound similar, but they have different purposes and results. However, they both have great benefits for your floor.

Micro Toppings & Skim Coats: Why And What

What Is Micro topping?

This is a type of top coat for your floor made of water-based polymers, fine sand, and other concrete ingredients. It creates a thin, glossy, smooth-as-glass layer over a floor. This gives it finish that is durable and works well with dyed or acid stained concrete.

What Is A Skim Coat?

A skim coat is a concrete mixture with finer sand and water. It provides a clean and smooth top layer to a recently resurfaced concrete floor.

Advantages Of Both:

  • It looks professional in public-facing spaces.
  • Smooth surface reduces chances of tripping.
  • Reduces wear and tear.
  • Mold and water damage resistant.

When Would They Be A Good Idea?

Micro toppings are great for giving a new concrete surface a final shine. It can also be used to buff up old concrete floors that feel a little too rough for some people’s tastes after a resurfacing.

Skim coats are good for re-purposing concrete floors. Sometimes, you have removed wood flooring or carpet, leaving the bottom concrete base standing alone. This can be untreated concrete that will be susceptible to water damage and other types of weathering. A skim coat will provide a protective layer to it that will prolong the concrete’s life. You can then decorate it however you want. It will be lovely with a clear top coat or with a stain.

These floor toppings can be the finishing touch on your fantastic concrete floor, and Flores Decorative Concrete wants to help everyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area achieve their ideal concrete floor. When you want to go the extra mile for your concrete, contact us.

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